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A music website dedicated to listing up and coming new singer songwriter musician talent in the UK.

A virtual live lounge for acoustic guitar songs.

For published and as yet unpublished artists.

For established bands and singers looking for new original songs.

For song writing tips, articles and competitions.

For the discovery of new singer-songwriters.

What is a singer-songwriter? Everyone has their own definition of what a singer-songwriter is, or whether their favourite artist or band is included in this category. For the purpose of this website a singer-songwriter is a person who mainly creates their own solo singles and albums, writing the music for the song, the lyrics, singing and arranging and/or playing the instruments. Think one-person band. But also think in terms of a person who creates and sings songs where the song is really the star, and the person is secondary. In a lot of cases it is other established artists or bands who then go on to cover the song and get the song out to a wider audience.